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Illumina, Inc. is an American company. Incorporated in April 1998, Illumina develops, manufactures, and markets integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function. The company provides a line of products and services that serve the sequencing, genotyping and gene expression, and proteomics markets. Its headquarters are located in San Diego, California.

Illumina doesn't appreciate their employees, there is favoritism, low morale due to the constant layoffs, management is unprofessional and harrases the staff, an ex-employee claims at

"They don't value their employees and don't care about harassment by managers. People are promoted only if the manager likes them, not on merit. Morale is very low as the company continues to layoff great people."


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Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"Disorganized and toxic working environment. Not very welcoming and backstabbing colleagues. Leadership(or lack of) is mostly driven by politics and personal likes or dislikes towards an individual and not the quality and integrity of the work. Not inclusive and homophobic culture. If they don't like people based on their race or sexual orientation they will do everything to sabotage their success and fire them with unfair and false evaluation.We are committed to maintaining a culture that is open, inclusive, and fair. Your allegations are inconsistent with our practices and culture. We would also like to speak directly to you to discuss the specifics of your concerns. You can reach our HR representative at"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Illumina management is not very strong. Everyone I meet seemed stressed and everyone walked on egg shells in fear of termination. Illumina seems to feel that the employee should feel grateful to be allowed to work there."

Confidential (Former Employee) says

"You know that feeling when you first walk into a place and regret it, well that was me. I'm not sure why I took this job, people told me to steer clear but I didn't listen. This is just a bad vibe all around. The facilities are nice but when you can't even take advantage of them it's really just PR talk. This is my worst work experience thus far."

Manufacturing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work EVER Stupid supervisors High turn over No opportunity to advance Unfair and borderline illegal work environment Campus was the best part lol"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"IT department has adopted a culture from consultants without work ethics and who simply want their personal growth in shortest time and do not value company values or mission."

Accounting Associate (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked for a company where they treat their contracted employees like complete trash. You are not a valuable asset to the organization just a work horse. If you are fortunate to work for the Accounts Receivable department be sure to be ready to keep your lips glued to your bosses behind. If i would have know that my supervisor was not going to be the person that hired me i would have totally walked away. Not enough space to go into detail how unprofesional, rude and how much of a bigot the a/r manager is.If you drink you can get drunk herethey treat contracted employees like trash"

Validation Consultant (Current Employee) says

"A significant distinction between full time and contractors. Not to mention unrealistic deadlines, budgets, and goals. Cross team communication and internal procedures are ridiculous and inefficient.NoneEverything"

Engineering (Former Employee) says

"This company despite the great stock price has the most horrible management structure I have encountered in my 30 year career. Favoritism & politics rule the day and night and career growth is impossible unless connected in the right circles of insiders. All the perks and the new buildings cannot even come close to being treated like trash every day, I did have a few great co-workers but most don’t stay long because of the toxic leadership. I cannot recommend anyone working their because it will affect health and well being, they have no work life balance; they make demands for all your time and then disrespect you. I have tendered my two week notice and have a better job/company waiting, Thank God.Stock pricetoxic leadership"

manufacturing (Former Employee) says

"Politica and back stabbing are the golden ruleI cannot recommend this employer for anyone.fair medical plan & pto was icafeno job growth is possible very stressful and political place."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"unfair toxic company.I cannot and will not recommend this company.pto system is okayno job growth is possible."

Senior Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Great campus and great mission statement. However, the politics, the favoritism, the abuse, and the harassment will make you stop caring about curing cancer and changing the world after a few months.We are committed to maintaining a culture that is open, inclusive, and fair. Your allegations are inconsistent with our practices and culture. We would also like to speak directly to you to discuss the specifics of your concerns. You can reach our HR representative at"

Quality Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst management ever. The supervisor does not know how to handle work load, pressure on the employees, which leading to work drama. Some employees try to bullies other to get credit. So much competitive, not team work like they always say. Just sweet talk but do not know how to run the department efficiently. Especially no compassion when other employee has family sorrow ( family member passed away). Very bad management.Nice facilityWork drama, bad management"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Illumina’s technology is pretty amazing and it has the potential to benefit so many lives. I am a rare cancer survivor myself and the potential of the technology led me to really pursue a job there. Unfortunately, Illumina only looks nice from the outside. On the inside it’s chaotic and political. My manager was pretty abusive. Even though I’ve left - my management is still harassing me at my new job. HR if you’re reading this - please let your managers know that that is not ok."

SQA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Unexperienced and disrespectful manager creating stressful and unfair work environment. Favoritism and unfairnesses. Whole group stuffed with contractors competing for extension. Contractors overseen by other contactors and lack of manager involvement who only wants to interact with contractors she chooses. I have not seen anything like it anywhere else. I have worked with different functional groups at Illumina and they seemed to have much better experience in different departments.great campuspoorly managed"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is all about tooting their own horns and provides no leadership or recognition for high performing employees. There is no work life balance and growth opportunity is slim.competitive compensationno work life balance and poor leadership"

Sales and Training (Former Employee) says

"Diversity is a big issue here. HR is horrible and not supportive. Management are not trained to supervise people and disrespectful. Horrible place to work.Cafe, coffee shops and working remoteNo diversity, no advancement and horrible managers."

Cost (Former Employee) says

"This is the worse experience that an employee can have working for such a big company with no infrastructure. Low motivation from Management to advance in projects they wrap up the month end close with long overtime hours and yet they do not recognize you for your efforts.Lack of organization bad okshort breaks."

Scientist (Former Employee) says

"Pure competition. Never happy with any results! No supervisors were satisfied with anything I ever did. I could not please my boss with mountains of excellent data. It was never enough!"

Finance (Former Employee) says

"After a lengthy onboarding process I was convinced to make a career change for the opportunity to work for a company that I have always admired. While the company has a great published corporate culture, middle management is not required to follow this guideline. I truly believed in the companies 'dial up' values but my supervisors were stuck in the micro-management mentality that the company labeled under 'dial down'. Overall the company as a whole can't be so bad but I still have to ding them for allowing a department to operate so backwards.Company does good things for human health and the advancement of science.Micro-management, office politics, poor HR, no mediation."

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"Poor managment, not leadership. 'Please person is roles they they aren't experinaced in, then give them no soupport as leadership doesn't know what they want. Informed to exicute one way, then be scolded for exicuting that way! Can never please leadership. Leaders are looking for ways to make themselves look good, while making other look bad.Great Benefits, and payPlace people in roles with no experience, the rest of the team suffers"

Former Employee - Director says

"The company was great. But Most good VPs and above have left, there is a reason for that. The culture has lost its way with the change in leadership. And many who remain are not happy and are looking to leave."

Current Employee - Engineering Manager says

"Your comments are concerning because they are inconsistent with Illumina’s policies and practices. We are committed to maintaining a culture that is open, inclusive, and fair. It would be helpful to better understand your experiences. If you are willing to discuss your comments, please contact an HR representative at"

Former Employee - EHS Specialist II says

"Your comments are concerning because they are inconsistent with Illumina’s policies and practices. We are committed to maintaining a culture that is open, inclusive, and fair. It would be helpful to better understand your experiences. If you are willing to discuss your comments, please contact an HR representative at"

Current Employee - Leader says

"Senior Directors talked bad about VPs and directors talk bad about their leaders especially in manufacturing operations talk bad about their bosses and so does associate directors. I agree with the reviews where it is said, promotions are based on if you are in the boys club, and if the senior leadership likes you, not on merit. Women are told to be not aggressive. Associate director’s take credit for their teams work and never mention the actual people who did the work or give them recognition. People come to company inspired and within few months, they get demoralized by toxic leadership. Senior Leaders tend to blame others, and enable the culture of blaming and toxic environment. Senior director’s alter the policies to make their number look good but make people suffer. Senior leadership should stop putting their beliefs on company policy. Stick to policy. Leaders who care are leaving. HR supports only specific leaders."

Current Employee - Customer Service says

"We are committed to maintaining a culture that is open, inclusive, and fair. Your perspective is disappointing and inconsistent with our intentions, practices and culture. It would be helpful to better understand your experience. Please contact an HR representative at"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"The managements try to do micro manage."

Former Employee - Program Manager says

"1. Below par base salaries 2. Bonus dependent on company financial performance. Bonus not tied to individual performance 3. Quality meltdown: Ops quality and validation teams are good inviduals but untrained and ineffective as the quality processes themselves have holes and are incomplete. For example- projects in manufacturing could be delivered by a functional group without quality or validation oversight. Once deployed there will be gaps attributed to quality but they get shoved under the rug till they become audit findings and then all hell breaks looks 4. Groupism is rampant and unless you know someone, you will be pushed and shoved around without a straight forward career path. Lot of intrusions in your work by people who have the ear of management but have nothing to do with what you are working on. People are looking to move up by playing the blame game and taking credit for other peoples work. Young engineers are sold a dream but are not aware of how their work fits into the whole scheme of things. This mafia mentality is leading to a lot of high performers wanting to change groups or quit the company. Add to this the blindsiding of the VPs by simply providing the info that they need to hear and not the bigger picture leads to a lot of projects delivering solutions that Illumina does not need or may even be against Illuminas best interest. 5. Finance cost centers are poorly set up. Even managers and ADs do not have control over their finances 6. Hiring for the sake of headcount accumulation is rampant. No clear understanding of Illumina needs when creating departments or resourcing leads to over hiring and subsequent layoffs. Lot of smart people working on pet projects which may or may not be in Illuminas best interest. Moreover hiring in plenty causes dilution of team performance and standards. As a result you get few mediocre performers against all high performers 7. Some managers have been promoted into positions in which they have no experience. These managers stall the progress of the group leading to attrition or a lot of unhappy employees 8. Common for some employees to be working 12 hour days while some employees show up to work once in a blue moon. 9 Management wants to preserve status quo rather than make effective changes to benefit the company and the consumers. No appetite for out of the box thinking or using industry best practices. A lot of times you hear " This is how Illumina works" 10. Too many resources are spent on events and non productive activities. Though attractive for a lot of young professionals this causes lack of concentration 11. Bureaucracy and politics: Never before seen level of politics here. Honest employees beware. You are being made use of as pawns for others career growth. Of all the workplace issues, this is the worst. Mutiple people will be working on the same thing. Teams are created and set up only to further peoples influence rather than solving actual issues."

Current Employee - Individual Contributor says

"Political, unorganized, and sometimes toxic work environment. Attractive company values only in writing but NOT in practice: - teams do NOT collaborate deeply: extremely" cliquish" and political with tons of closed-door meetings for upper management only; - NOT open – transparency? Not at Illumina! Promotion is mostly based on networking or friendship with managers rather than the actual performance. (some PhD level scientist make less than $45/hour, women specially) Lack of diversity across teams. Lack of recognition for hard work. Lack of resources and red tape for any request that costs the company nickels and dimes. Very poor management. Managers lead from behind and are not trained or encouraged to prepare their teams for success, often look down on subordinates. It is common for managers to come to work by 10am, leave by 3:30pm, and spend the rest of their “work” scheduled for “meetings”. Morale is very low as the company continues to layoff great people"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of leadership. Have managers not leaders. Micro-manage professinal staff. Managmenet treaded everyone like they were 18 and this was there 1st job." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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